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Welcome to Arewa Regional, the Number one (1) Northern Nigeria Blog


Arewa as the name implies by the Hausas which means ‘North or Northern
Nigeria’ and Regional from word Region which means ‘of, or pertaining to
a large geographical region’ (according to English dictionary) been put
together as (Arewa Regional) to provide, give and take all activities being
done in Northern Nigeria to the world.
Arewa Regional is a brand name that has come to stay and province a
platform to sell out talents, businesses, information and good mode of
communication. Arewa Regional features: Entertainment, Fashion, News,
Events, Sports, Politics, Business, Culture and Tradition and of course
Hausa; A blog website providing quality informations.


• To promote an adequate social life in Northern Nigeria
• To provide revenue unto the resident in Arewa geographical region
• To insure massive and good communication system
• To promote good art, businesses, companies and amongst others
• To create social avenue for online market via the blog website.


Edibo Sunshine is professional web developer, digital marketer, blogger, an entrepreneur and a Computer Teacher who hails from Kogi State Nigeria. He has undergo a unique educational background from science and technology (computer science) in the top best Nigeria schools…

Edibo Sunshine has worked several months to bring this vision to pass by the help of research and researchers.

The love for blogging, website development, Northern Nigeria (Arewa), Nigeria itself and the world at large has made this dream and vision a success today.

Arewa Regional have board of Directors and management that put hands together to give the best out of blogging and its services…

So join hands with us today to move this vision to a permanent, pleasant and a perfect place…

Take a glance and a tour on this Weblog, Stay tuned!!!


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